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Impervious - This game is! They even repeat a lot of the awsome terminology! For instance, the spell "Cone of Cold" is an arcane spell in the Players Handbook of D&D! So is "Fireball" and "Lightning bolt". I wonder if "Chain Lightning" is in this game. Is no one else as ecstatic as I am....... This is more awsome than you all know!

Impervious - Is this game as good as Dungeons & Dragons? I hope it is........

Riou1231 - This is such a great game! You have lots of time to go exploring,save a princess,gather moonstones and other things! You'd be crazy not to play this completely addictive game!

airone - the ONLY game in which a hero can go to a bar, and then the "drink satisfaction" is greater than 120%

Kajeha - One of the best MMORPGs I've played. Quick and easy combat with good character customization and potential growth. Well done.

airone - you have no more than 20 mins per day to save a princess and explore a dungeon? All this while looking for the moonstones? here, no problem at all :)

chappy523 - Fun, easy to learn, interesting, and addictive.`

Zhou_Tai - Yup and thats fun about it... Its fast. It`s Fun. And it dos not suck.

alixi - The best online mmorpg! Easy and Fun to play, a cross between Lords and NNW.You wont get bored here!


ShinigamiWA - It's not that fancy, but it's incredibly addicting. You did a great job with this game, Chris =)

goblin_commander - this game goes great with lords and i play this game as i wait for other game

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