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Moonstone RPG is a free massive multiplayer online game where you can play as a hero in fantasy, medieval-like land. Since the game is a MMORPG you will meet here a lot of fellow players with whom you can establish a clan and fight together. But you can also go on a lonely quest to kill the dragon, save the princess and... undercover the secret of moonstone.

* Explore forgotten dungeons and fight mythical beasts.
* Search for ancient treasures and artifacts.
* Challenge other heroes in honorable duels.
* Get unique equipment and arrange you inventory.
* Hunt for rare monsters and eat them to get resistances and other abilities.
* And much more...

One night a falling star crashed in the mountains on a northen regions of Eharis. It was the day when Toki forces invaded the capital of Mizar so many overlooked the falling star incident. This was a foolish mistake indeed, today no one remembers the Toki invasion but everyone still hunts for the shards of Moonstone, the rare rock from the sky which posess extreme magic capabilities. Some say, that the one who would be able to collect all the shards would rule the world. Other says, that the hunt for moonstones is a good business. Nevertheless, moonstone is not a thing that can be ignored by anyone.
Now the legend begins, will you take part in it?
Join the Quest

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